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The RDDKC neither endorses nor recommends any of the trainers holding classes at our training centre. It is YOUR responsibility to research any trainers and their services. (Read below the bios for tips on choosing a trainer.)


Karen LeJeune

Drop-In Conformation, Beginner's Conformation,
Ring Stewarding Seminar

Owner/handlers must have the skills and confidence to attain their goals in the Conformation ring against Professional Handlers. Their dogs must be well trained and presented. Karen would be thrilled to help you get there, or simply to give you the mat time you require to work your dogs.

Karen has been handling her own dogs for 30 years. In that time, she has had fun handling them to: Multiple Best In Shows, Best In Specialty Shows, numerous Group wins and Placements, multiple American and Canadian Champions and Grand Champions.

Karen is currently the President of the Red Deer and District Kennel Club, a member of the Canadian Kennel Club, the National Whippet Club Of Canada, the National Whippet Club of America, and is the Breeder/Owner/Handler at Ethos Whippets.

Prior to breeding and showing Whippets, Karen bred Dobermans under the Torkelle prefix for 35 years.


Nancy Howard
(CKC Rally Obedience Judge) 

Rally Novice, Rally Advanced/Excellent, Rally Master,
Household Obedience

Nancy purchased her first dog, a sheltie in the early 80’s and since then has   trained her Shetland Sheepdogs, Bouviers, Soft Coated Wheaten Terriers and Australian Shepherds in Obedience, Conformation and Rally Obedience.  They have all taught her something different and she wouldn’t change those training experiences for anything.

Nancy has been involved in the sport of dog obedience for over 20+ years and has been totally hooked on Rally Obedience since the sport was introduced.  She has instructed hundreds of students over the years and you will see her ring side cheering on her students as they compete in the Rally Obedience ring.

She is an avid Rally Obedience and Obedience competitor and you will see her out with her Shelties every chance she gets.

Nancy has received many High in Class awards in Rally Obedience, winning Top dog overall at the Sheltie National and having multiple High in Trial Obedience dogs. With her amazing sheltie Raven they accomplished # 1 Sheltie in Canada in Rally Obedience, making it into the top 10 all breed standings.

Nancy has been a Rally Obedience judge for the Canadian Kennel Club since 2009.

Carol Allinson
(CKC Obedience Judge)

Household Obedience, Advanced Obedience, Agility

Carol  has been involved in dog sports for many years.  She started  training and showing in the obedience ring in 1981 when she bought  her first registered dog, a Pembroke Welsh Corgi.  After taking obedience lessons she was hooked on the sport.    For the next few years she  bred and trained corgis until the Australian Shepherd was recognized by CKC in January 1992.  She  loved the intelligence and enthusiasm of the Aussie.  Since then she has owned and shown only Aussies and is a breeder under the kennel  name of “Cruisin”.

Over the years Carol has had the pleasure of training some of the best obedience dogs. .Her first and love of her life was a dog called “Cruise”.  They won numerous High in Class, High in Trial & High Aggregate awards.  He went on to sire some of the nicest working dogs.   To keep up with new ideas and training, techniques Carol attended various seminars and workshops  to improve on her training skills. Over the years   Carol attended many seminars from various obedience trainers in Canada & the United States.

Judging obedience was something that Carol always enjoyed and wanted to do.  In May 2003, Carol was approved as a CKC obedience judge.

Agility is Carol's other love. Over the years she have trained with various instructors from Canada & the U.S.  Carol believes in continuing her education learning new ways of training. One of Carol's most memorable moments was winning at Championships held at Spruce Meadows with one of her most outstanding agility dogs,  Zoie.  In 2014 Coal and Carol competed at Championships in Salt Lake City and although they did not place in the Top 8, they did have some awesome runs and the opportunity of watching some of the best agility dogs and handlers from Canada and the U.S.

Over the past years, Carol has trained  & competed with the following dogs, each a star in my heart: Cleo, Zoie Diva, Steel, Fancy, Charlie (my little Papillon), Coal and my new little star, Ebony.  Zoie, Diva & Coal have all secured their NATCH titles and Fancy is on the way.  There is new kid is in the wings.  His name is Riley, a Border Collie.  A new way of training and running this very fast dog. 

Carol looks forward to helping you with your dog either in obedience or agility.  You are going to love it!

Kristina Sveinsen


Kristina began training dogs in Sport Scent Detection (Nosework) in late 2014, after competing with her Chihuahua “Bolt” at Western Canada’s first Sporting Detection Dog Association (SDDA) trial in spring of that year. Bolt is the first and only Chihuahua to obtain both a Started and Advanced Title with the organization and at the time of the first trial he was also the smallest dog to title.

Kristina has had a passion for learning and teaching since her childhood. Through workshops with renowned Canadian Scent Detection professions, online training and sport seminars with SDDA judges she maintains a current education in all aspects of Sport Scent Detection and pledges to continue to learn and bring new techniques to her students. Her students boast successes in competition with titles from Started through to Elite, 2 Master Championship titles and various high in class placements in competition. Kristina teaches methods for competition students as well as a program applicable to pet owners just looking to have fun with their dogs. She has developed a GAMES curriculum, Trial Prep lessons/scenarios, Online Learning through Scent Work University and provides Virtual Lessons for students at a distance. Her motto is “have fun with your dog” and she strives to have a fun and comfortable environment in both her classes and events.  This sport caters to the needs of shy and reactive dogs and Kristina has helped many teams have success through the bond this sport creates. Creating that bond is crucial and is one of her main focuses.

When not doing Scent Detection Kristina and Bolt can be seen competing in CKC (Canadian Kennel Club) Rally Obedience. They are a team everyone loves to watch, as Bolt’s determination shines. In only 4 shows Bolt achieved his Advanced Rally title and they are working toward RE and RAE titles now. She also competes regularly in CKC Conformation with Saint Bernards, and has championed 2 dogs so far. She is a member of: Sporting Detection Dog Association, Scent Work University Instructors, The Canadian Kennel Club and the Red Deer and District Kennel Club.

Kristina is owner/operator of The Little Nose that Knows and will be offering classes in Scent Detection, GAMES, Tricks as well as some Rally Obedience.

Ryan Williams

Obedience - Household & Competitive

Ryan’s passion for animals goes back to childhood, he knew he would spend his life working with them and ever since he can remember he’s wanted to own a Saint Bernard.  Through hard work, research and perseverance he achieved this goal in adulthood. Ryan is now the proud owner/handler of 3 Saint Bernards and 2 Cocker Spaniels.

Ryan loves to work with all sizes of dogs and has a patient and gentle approach to training to encourage you and your dog to love everything you do together. Using positive reinforcement methods, he believes in teaching a foundational bond that is fun through manners and obedience to carry his students through life, sports and their relationship with their pet. Ryan is Veterinary Office Assistance certified and is pursuing his CCPDT-KA designation in 2018. He’s been pursuing education, apprenticing and training in the dog industry since 2010.

Ryan competes regularly with his dogs in CKC Rally Obedience, a sport he LOVES. He has titled dogs In Rally Novice, Intermediate, Advanced (and Excellent soon to come) and his students have titled through to Excellent as well. He’s earned multiple High in Class designations. He has begun competing in competitive Obedience and found he enjoys this sport as well. He also likes to work on tricks and Agility for fun with his dogs. He is a member of: The Canadian Kennel Club, Saint Bernard Fanciers of Canada and Red Deer and District Kennel Club. He is the owner of Big Nose Obedience dog training. 

Ryan offers Pet Manners/Household Obedience through his Nosebedience Levels program. He also teaches Rally-O, Sport Foundations and tricks/fun classes.



Tips on Choosing a Trainer
(Thanks to the CAPPDT site - modified) 

You can check several sources when looking for a trainer. Word of mouth from friends or acquaintances, veterinary clinics, groomers, reviews online or social media are some great ways to find the trainer you are looking for.

Have a list of questions ready when you contact the trainers, so you can compare. A professional will be prepared to answer all your questions. Aside from the regular questions of what credentials this trainer has, price, class options, etc.; ask if you can observe a class. A confident professional will not object. But remember you are there to observe, not participate in discussion, during the class.
Some questions to consider when watching a class:

  • Did the trainer explain the exercises in a clear and easily understood manner? 
  • Did the trainer take the time to assist each participant with the exercises? 
  • Did the participants look like they were having fun? (You may not think this is important but when the class is enjoyable you’ll be more willing to attend.) 
  • Were the dogs enjoying the class? Was the trainer concerned about the dog’s enjoyment?
  • Was the class structured and organized? Not everyone doing their own thing and talking amongst themselves.
  • Does the trainer provide support? i.e. printed information to take home or access to their website or Facebook page for what you had learned, contact information if you get stuck at home after the class, etc.

If you have questions afterwards, ask the trainer questions about what you observed, if there is time after the class or you may need to have a follow up phone call or email.  Another great question for the trainer is how or if he/she continues to educate themselves about dog behaviour and health.

One of the most critical observations you can make is the ability to talk to the trainer. Do you feel comfortable approaching the trainer and asking questions? It’s important to feel like you can ask questions. Like any other professional in your life – you must be prepared to have a working relationship with this person. Many dog owners attend more than one class so long term fit is important.

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