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Australian Shepherds

Kennel Name:   Cruisin Australian Shepherds
Contact Name:  Carol Allinson
Address:  Red Deer, AB
Phone:  403.341.5456
Email:  dallasa@telus.planet.net


Kennel Name:   Waskasoo Kennel Reg'd
Contact Name:  Bev Davies-Fraser
Address:  Red Deer, AB
Phone:  403.343.3225
Email:  beaglebandits@albertahighspeed.net
Web:  www.waskasoo.weebly.com 


Kennel Name:   Rainycreek Collies
Contact Name:  Renee Holtkamp
Address:  Bentley, AB
Phone:  403.505.9807
Email:  renee@rainycreekcollies.com
Web:  www.rainycreekcollies.com

German Shorthair Pointers

Kennel Name:  Grassridge Kennel
Contact Name:  Denise Cranna
Address:   Sundre, AB
Phone:  403.556.4077
Email:  info@grassridgekennel.com
Web:  www.grassridgekennel.com

Irish Wolfhounds

Kennel Name:  Hawkhaven Irish Wolfhounds
Contact Name:  Suzan & Elizabeth Humphreys
Address:   Delburne, AB
Phone:  403.749.2856
Email:  hawkhaven@xplornet.com
Web:  http://www.hawkhaven.ca/


 The Leonberger is a large, strong but elegant working dog originating in 1846 in Leonberg, Germany by Heinrich Essing by crossing the Newfoundland, St. Bernard and Pyrenees.

Kennel Name:  Prairie Song Leonbergers
Contact Name:  Shelley Le Surf
Address:  Sylvan Lake, AB
Phone:  403.887.4253
Email:  prairiesongleos@hotmail.com
Web:  www.prairiesongleos.com


Miniature Pinschers

Kennel Name:  Littlefeat Miniature Pinschers
Contact Name:  Sheena Melone
Address:  Red Deer, AB
Phone:  403.347.4532
Email:  imelone@shaw.ca
Website:  http://littlefeat1981.tripod.com/index.html

Saint Bernards

The Saint Bernard is known as the

Kennel Name:  Meadow Park Saint Bernards
Contact Name:  Linda Symons
Address:  Red Deer, AB
Phone:  403.886.4023
Email:  meadowparksainterbernards@yahoo.ca
Web:  www.meadowparksaintbernards.com

Standard Poodles

Kennel Name:  Coronado Standard Poodles
Contact Name:  June Thompson
Address:  Red Deer, AB
Phone:  403.342.6725
Email:  nito@xplornet.com
Web:  www.coronadopoodles.ca
Kennel Name:  Dilquin Standard Poodles
Contact Name:  Cindy Harvey
Address:  Blackfalds, AB
Phone:  403.885.4710
Email:  dilquin@telus.net
Web:  www.dilquin.com

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